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I/we have enclosed copies of our signed tax returns and copies of all forms (e.g., W2s, 1099s) showing tax withholding.* If you fax these forms to us, we can begin processing your return immediately; however, we cannot file the return until we receive the originals.
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1040EZ $39
1040A $49
1040 $79

I/we have enclosed a copy of my/our prior year Federal 1040 page 2 or 1040A page 2 or 1040EZ page 1. This will allow the fastest possible processing of your return.
* The IRS and State tax authorities require us to have original copies of these forms
For timely filing we need to receive your tax information at least one week prior to the filing due date
My/our payment is enclosed.
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Mail/Fax all documents to: TFI, P O Box 6682, Albany, CA 94706
Surety Bond #98452189
Voice/Fax: 408-625-7648
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Tax Services Agreement
The purpose of this agreement is: to confirm and specify the terms of our service and to clarify the nature and extent of those services. By signing this order form you confirm: your (and your spouses') acceptance of this agreement.

We will electronically file your Federal and State income tax returns from the information you send to us. We are not auditors for the IRS; we will not audit or verify the data you submit to us. We may need to ask you for clarification of some of the data.

Tax authorities may pick your tax return for review. If penalties, interest, or additional taxes are assessed: you agree you are responsible for their payment and will not look to us for reimbursement.